JQ History: A Matter of Life & Death

Apart from paying tax, the only other certainty in life is death.

While today’s vibrant Jewellery Quarter is a celebration of life and it’s richest traditions, the history of the area is steeped in taking care of and remembering those that have left this mortal coil.


Coffin Works Museum

One of the top destinations for visitors to Birmingham and residents alike even though it has only been open since 2014. Newman Brothers specialised in coffins from 1894 to 1998 until they ceased trading. The original factory has been restored and contains stock and tools that would have been used to create fittings for some of the Britains most notable, including Winston Churchill and The Queen Mother. Not to be missed!

Warstone Lane Cemetery (aka Brookfields)

Even though most of the original 1840’s chapel was destroyed in the Second World War, this Grade II Listed cemetery still holds pride of place in today’s Jewellery Quarter. The gardens, which were redesigned as the St Thomas’s Peace Garden in 1995 are beautiful to walk through or rest awhile, especially in the Summer. No longer accepting new burials, this cemetery was the final resting place for a number of trailblazers including politicians, authors and of course, many many soldiers.