Pay as you go 24/7 gym - Birmingham

Now there’s absolutely no excuse to ditch that Beach Body resolve.

In each of our apartments you’ll find a yoga mat, a Theraband (for resistance training), and even a workout sheet to help you along.

If that’s not enough for you and you want a pay as you go gym option, starting at just £7.99 for a single session, we would highly recommend The Gym, Birmingham’s increasingly popular ‘no contract, gyms. Bonus is that it’s open 24/7.

There are two city centre locations so this is perfect for contractors who are working in Birmingham for a long period of time and need to get your workout fix. Or maybe you’re just visiting but you don’t want to put your fitness regime out of whack.

Whatever the need, we recommend The Gym. Plenty of equipment and lots of classes to choose from if you prefer company when you’re getting your sweat on.

For directions from the apartments and more info, check out the link or speak to one of the LCM Apartments team.